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The 4 Hidden Causes of Erection Problems and How to END Erection Problems

I’m The Technique Modifier at End the Problem. I teachmales how to easily END sexual problems and erection problems including prematureejaculation, erectile dysfunction (weak erections) AND sexual frustration.

I also teach women how to control an orgasm so it can be achieved “on demand”during masturbation, foreplay AND intercourse, as well as how to increase her libidoand eliminate vaginal dryness.

In this report I’m going to share with you the previously unidentified underlying causesof erection problems and how to end these problems so you can remove performanceanxiety and immediately begin to improve your ability to relate intimately.

“I feel like a new man – a 30 year old one! How wonderful to havesuch control, 15 to 30 minute love making and not totally buggered atthe end. I am so grateful to you, for how you have helped me. Whatwonderful changes to my love life – I am having trouble finding wordsto explain myself.” Ben (72) New Zealand

So what causes erection problems?

The hidden causes of erection problems include:

=> Suppression of sexual arousal
=> Your partner’s unwillingness to have sex with you
=> An inability to stay focused on the sexual act
=> Lacking the knowledge to actually attain and maintain a strong erection as wellas full control.

Now let’s look at these in more detail:

Suppression of sexual arousal leads to weakness in your PC muscle. The PCmuscle controls all movement of your penis and controls ejaculation. Every time yousuppress your sexual arousal you are causing your penis to become weaker!
Reasons for suppressing sexual arousal include:
=> Stress, anxiety, workload
=> Personal inactivity
=> Lack of exercise
=> No desire
=> An inability to redirect sexual arousal

Your partner’s unwillingness to have sex with you – if your partner is reluctant tohave sex with you, She may be:

=> Feeling emotionally unfulfilled by you
=> Feeling disconnected from you
=> Feeling unfulfilled by your technique
=> Feeling pressured to have sex
=> Feeling unfulfilled by the amount of performance time you give her In many cases this is the main reason for relationship breakup because it createsdoubt!

In many cases this is the main reason for relationship breakup because it createsdoubt!

Doubt for you – of your ability to perform… Doubt for her – of your ability to fulfil her.

Then there is the inability to stay focused on the sexual act.

The more worried you are about performing and maintaining a strong erection, theworse your erection problem (and relationship problems) become.

Due to this continuous mental pressure, you completely lose your ability to focus onattaining (and maintaining) an erect penis during the sexual act AND lose yourability to feel emotionally connected to your partner before, during and after sex.

Without the right focus, your brain and body are unable to unite during sex to achievethe desired result – which is to attain a hard erection, maintain a hard erection (with fullcontrol) AND stay emotionally connected to your partner at the same time.

In this report I have identified the 4 hidden causes of erection problems. To be able toattain (and keep) an erection you need to address ALL of these causes. Otherwise youmay only partially heal your erection problem – and you could be doomed to havingweak erections – and struggling to retain confidence in your relationship, for the rest ofyour life.

MANY of my clients suffered from these problems for YEARS and were NEVER ableto resolve them UNTIL they learned my technique.If you want to achieve a superior sex life, I can supply the answers. I teach a new technique which fully explains the reasons you are underperforming. Youcan FINALLY understand the mechanics required to TOTALLY RESOLVE your SEXUAL PROBLEMS!

This method is unique to me and is unavailable elsewhere.Imagine how great it would be to be rid of this horrible problem forever?My unique switching technique enables you to END all erection problems, so you caneliminate sexual frustration and performance anxiety and gain the confidence you needto succeed in your most important relationship – that of you and your partner. Eliminate the 4 underlying causes of your erection problem/s now!

Book a session with me to eliminate your erection problem before it’s too late.

Remember that testimonial you read at the start of this report?

Ben suffered from sexual problems for all of his adult life because he procrastinatedand put off dealing with them. He now hopes that his honest feedback will encourageother men to get past their anxiety and embarrassment about booking their session – so they too can end their erection and relationship problems.

How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds

Is Sexual Frustration Getting the Better of You?

As a man, your brain/body connection is wired sexually. What this means is thatyou can randomly (and frequently) have rampant sexual thoughts or feelingsthroughout the day. While you cannot stop sexual thoughts from reoccurring, youcan stop them in their tracks.

Sexual arousal is often an unwanted intrusion on your ability to focus. It can beirritating and annoying when your mind needs to be focused on other important tasks.

Because any of your five senses can trigger sexual arousal, it’s really important toknow exactly how to control and regulate arousal – so you can stop it fromdriving you crazy!

A common misperception amongst men is that you have to ejaculate to releasesexual tension. That’s a myth. The truth is that you can turn your sexual arousalon and off as easy as flicking a switch (as you will soon find out.) But there’s alsoa real danger which is caused by suppressing your sexual arousal… which is whatyou often do when you think you have ejaculate, but have no way of doing so.

The Harm in Repressing Sexual Arousal

When you suppress your sexual arousal (by trying to make it go away) it usuallytakes 3 or 4 minutes to settle down or can leave you feeling sexually frustrated forhours. Either way – it can be irritating when you need to put your attentionelsewhere.

But the worst thing that happens every time you suppress sexual arousal, is thatyou interfere (create road-blocks) in the communication between your brain andyour penis.

This can cause MAJOR problems later in life – at about age forty you may noticethat your erections aren’t quite as hard as they used to be or you sometimes havetrouble attaining or maintaining a hard erection during sex.

Suppressing sexual arousal will also lead to a lower libido – you just won’t feel ashorny as you used to. This isn’t caused by age; it is caused by suppressing yourarousal over a long period of time – and is a common problem among older men.

For some men, the problem is at the other end of the scale. When a man feelshuge amounts of sexual tension building throughout the day, he can find it toodifficult to focus on his woman in a non-sexual way and provide the emotionalsupport which she first needs before turning on, to sex.

If he doesn’t turn her off sex by his lack of emotional connection and obvioussexual neediness; then he can feel so wound up with his sexual arousal that hebecomes over excited – and ejaculates prematurely.

Other men just feel so darn sexually frustrated, they start coming out with lewdsexual comments to women at work, often earning scathing remarks and missingout on future promotions because of their unruly (and unreliable) behavior.

All of these scenarios are costly to a man’s self esteem – and put unnecessarytension and stress on his relationships with women.

When a man knows how to consciously ‘switch’ to turn his sexual arousal, on andoff (depending on how appropriately timed it is) then he will feel immenselypowerful and in control of himself – instead of feeling sexually compromised,frustrated and alone.

You cannot become aroused unless your awareness is in your genital area. Whenyou have sexual thoughts, or your mind engages in sexual fantasies, it is normalto “relate” those thoughts back to your penis which then creates a pleasurablesensation. If your mind remains focused on these thoughts or on the sensationsin your penis, then you will continue to activate the sexual arousal program.

It’s important to note that the mind will always come back to a subject you don’t have the answers for. So what are the reasons behind your sexualfrustration? Sexual frustration is frequently a side affect of other issues not being dealt with.

For example, if you don’t have a partner, what actions steps are you takingtowards finding a partner? These are the areas you need to focus your attentionon:

• Gain understanding of how to attract a partner
• Gain understanding of how attraction works
• Take steps to become fit and healthy to attract your ideal partner
• Make sure you are fulfilling yourself in all areas of your life to becomemore attractive to a potential partner
• Make sure you are allowing time for a partner in your schedule
• Learn how to fulfill a partner so you can succeed in relationship

If you have a partner, but they have lost interest:
• Determine if there’s something you’re doing during sex which is puttingyour partner off having sex with you
• Ask your partner why they have lost interest in sex
• Do they have health problems which are affecting their libido?
• Gain skills to improve your sexual technique
• Ensure are you fulfilling your partner outside of the bedroom

It’s common for women to lose their libido after childbirth, if they are unable toorgasm, or if they have reached menopause and are experiencing inner vaginaldryness which makes sex painful. All of these problems I can easily resolve.

If, after answering these questions your partner is still not interested in sex (orhas never really been interested in sex) then you may be sexually incompatible -in which case you will experience a life long sexual frustration problem if you staywith that partner.

Once a woman understands that most men need sex like fish need water, she ismore inclined to either a) sort her own sexual issues to regain interest or b) allowher partner to seek sexual fulfillment outside of the relationship.

If your partner lives overseas:Discuss having an open relationship while the partner is overseas in order tofulfill your sexual needs as a human beingDiligently practice the method outlined belowSelf confidence comes from knowledge as well as developing yourself as a person.If you don’t have confidence in the above areas, then you will be constantlythinking about sex and how you can get more of it. If you have any of the aboveproblems, your mind will continually switch back to the subject of sex until youdevelop and improve on your complete sexual strategy.

So put strategies in place to ensure you are dealing with related problems. Thiswill make you feel like you’re taking action to help yourself and will increase youroverall sense of well being.

NB: A partner unwilling to have sex may be regain interest once they understandhow to control their sexual programs so they can feel fulfilled sexually.

3 Easy Steps to Turn Sexual Arousal ‘OFF’ in Just 10 Seconds!

Something to ask yourself is: Can I have sex right now? If the answer is no, thenan emotional response may be triggered. This feels like increased heart rate andmuscle tension. If you try to ignore the emotional response you will switch tomore thoughts about why you think you are feeling that way. Just allow that briefmoment in time and it will pass with the ease of a sneeze.

When you then become focused on a menial task which doesn’t involve yourpenis, the sexual arousal program automatically deactivates in your brain.
Step 1: First, you must bring your attention to your genital area – (at themoment you are stuck on this step.) If you just try and ignore sexual arousal, it’simpossible for your brain to give the command to “turn off” the sexual arousalprogram. You must first “activate” your awareness of the program you want tochange.

For example: hold your arm out to the side and try to ignore it. Trying to ignoreyour arm doesn’t move it down to your side. You may become aware of thediscomfort of your arm tiring after a period of time, but your arm won’t moveuntil your body receives the command from your brain to change your position. Switching your attention to another task which doesn’t involve your arm beingheld out to the side, will make your arm change position to accommodate thatnew task. The same concept applies to your penis and sexual arousal.So, acknowledge that you’re feeling aroused. If the timing’s not appropriate, carryon with step 2.

Step 2: Switch your attention away from your genital area – because if you leaveyour attention in your penis: thinking about why you are horny, flexing yourpenis, squeezing your penis with your hand, thinking about sexual fantasies, orviewing erotic pictures, then your continued sexual focus will keep activating thesexual arousal program in your brain.

The point is that if you TRY NOT TO think about feeling sexually aroused orfrustrated when switching your attention to another subject matter, your mindwill keep coming back to the subject of sex. It’s physiologically impossible to trynot to think about something as this will immediately bring the subject you aretrying to block to the front of your mind. If you try not to think about a black car, what immediately comes to mind?Exactly. While you cannot try not to think about your penis and sexually arousingthoughts, you can switch your attention to another task which doesn’t involveyour penis.

Remember: your conscious mind can only focus on one task at a time.

Which is why it’s important to follow step 2 with step 3.

Step 3 – Switch your focus to a menial task unrelated to sex whichinvolves intricate hand movements.A menial task is a task which requires your mental focus and doesn’t excite you inany way. Tasks which involve concentration and intricate hand movements areespecially effective as they require your full attention mentally. Put your whole attention, your whole mental focus onto executing and completing that menialtask.Some ideal menial tasks include: typing, writing, texting on the phone.

Now I know it’s tempting to return your mind to your penis because thesensations feel good. But when your mind returns to your penis and/or sexualthoughts… you may reactivate the sexual arousal program in your brain, so choseyour next focal point wisely. If you accidentally retrigger the arousal program mentally or physically, simplyrepeat this technique as required.

In Summary

It’s much easier to provide your conscious mind with a menial task unrelated tosex than to try to stop thinking about your penis and feeling aroused! Admit to yourself that you’re feeling aroused and it feels good, then determinewhether or not the arousal is appropriately timed. If the timing doesn’t work foryou, then switch your whole focus to mindfully completing the intricate details ofa menial task (involving your hands) which requires your full attention.

Now let’s get clear here. This technique won’t stop sexual thoughts and feelingsfrom reoccurring, it just provides you with an effective method of dealing withunwanted sexual arousal each time it is triggered. It’s common for the sexual arousal program to be triggered frequently for males -so you may find it necessary to do this switching technique several timesthroughout the day. If you have a problem, get rid of the problem.

In each instance of arousal, first of all determine whether or not you want to befeeling aroused at that time. Is it appropriate, or inappropriate timing? If youneed the arousal to go away quickly, use this technique. There’s nothing wrongwith enjoying sexual arousal when it is appropriately timed. Remember that youonly have to switch sexual arousal off if you need to focus on another task, orwhen someone is speaking to you and you need to be paying attention. You can switch your arousal on and off; anytime, anywhere – so you are never leftfeeling sexually compromised. On saying that, if you suffer from the inability to attain and maintain a strongerection during sex (or if you ejaculate early) then you will require furthertraining.

Other causes of sexual frustration can include sexual dysfunction problemsincluding premature ejaculation (cumming too fast) erectile dysfunction (weakerections) or from a lack of sexual interest by your partner.

The inability to correctly “switch” is the root cause of most sexual problems. Ifany of the above problems are plaguing you or your partner, then undertake myessential training; so you can stop feeling alone and frustrated – and startenjoying mutually fulfilling relationships.

When you know how to “switch” correctly you are able to get hard, stay hard andonly ejaculate when your partner wants you to. Get the 5 Crucial Rules of Sex

“Being a medical specialist, I was amazed at Jacqui’s knowledge and insightsregarding this subject matter – I know for sure there is no-one else teachingthis! It is amazing! Jacqui is a true problem solver. Every person should havethis education!” Sam

Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Best ED Treatment!

Erectile dysfunction causes you to lose your ability to successfully fulfil yourself as well as your partner. The best ED treatment enables you to have long, strong lasting erections and total control as well as giving your partner the most pleasurable and enjoyable sex.

happy couple solved erectile dysfunction

Your erectile dysfunction problem is happening because of a miscommunication occurring between your brain and your body, which also contributes to you feeling sexually frustrated.

To completely end an erectile dysfunction or weak erection problem, you need to:

  • Learn how to stop suppressing sexual arousal
  • Gain the knowledge to actually attain a strong erection
  • Understand how to stay focused on the sexual act
  • Deal with your partner’s unwillingness to have sex with you

If you don’t deal with all of these aspects (as well as ensuring there aren’t any underlying medical conditions by visiting a medical doctor) then erectile dysfunction can continue to be a problem for you and your partner.

I’m Jacqui Olliver, The Technique Modifier at End the Problem. I help men understand how to gain control over the sexual responses in their body. My unique teaching gives you an understanding of the role your brain has in attaining and maintaining an erection and staying in control of when you ejaculate – it’s not all about your penis!

My unique methodology has an outstanding success rate and my thrilled clients include doctors, medical specialists and psychologists. This new, breakthrough technique is unique to me and is unavailable elsewhere. So now you know the erectile dysfunction causes, make sure you end your erection problems BEFORE it is TOO LATE!

erectile dysfunction testimonial

In Summary: Erectile dysfunction causes can include suppressing sexual arousal as well as incorrect focus during sex. It is common for men with ED to have a partner who has lost interest. The best erectile dysfunction treatment must include knowledge on how to control the sexual systems of the body, as well as providing an effective sexual technique which fulfils both partners.

End Sexual Frustration TODAY

Sexual frustration sucks. Quite literally. Feeling sexually frustrated most of the time sucks the life blood from you, makes you feel unfulfilled, guilty, irrational and just plain fed-up. You can’t concentrate, your mind is constantly distracted and you have difficulty paying attention to anything! Fed up with it driving you crazy?!

When you’re constantly aroused, it almost seems like you’re feeling horny all of the time. As well as making you lose focus at work; feeling so aroused can make you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying life – because you’re so consumed with thinking about sex, it’s hard to focus on anything else long enough to enjoy it.

The more you try to ignore these thoughts and feelings the more frustrated you become. It seems like you can’t stop thinking about your penis or vagina, sex and related sexual subjects!

This is actually what is making you feel sexually frustrated

Think about it for a moment. If I tell you not to think about a black car, what immediately comes to mind?
A picture of a black car.

What I’m saying is, you can’t just try and not think about sex and hope your frustration will go away – because that’s not how your BRAIN works.

So how do I regain control of myself?

Your brain runs on procedures and it requires a specific sequence of thought to turn sexual arousal off like a light switch. It’s a very basic sequence of thought – but without doing this sequence in the correct order, you are dooming yourself to feeling sexually frustrated.

See, if you get any part of the sequence wrong, you will unequivocally jam the sexual circuit – and the arousal program will keep running in the background, distracting you and increasing your feelings of frustration.

You can search the internet for months but you won’t find a faster method for ending sexual frustration.

The lurking danger of sexual frustration

Male or female, every time you suppress your sexual arousal you are weakening the ‘signals’ between your brain and your genitals and are fast-tracking your way to sexual dysfunction problems. Statistics show that 50% of men and women over 40 suffer from sexual dysfunction. That could be you – if you don’t learn this method to turn sexual arousal off when you need to.

I can help you solve all of those problems – but you’re better off avoiding them in the first place, by learning how to easily take charge of your sexual arousal now.

Who am I?
I’m Jacqui Olliver – The Sex Technique Modifier. I’ve helped MANY men and women end their sexual frustration (and other sexual problems) by understanding exactly how to control the communication between their brain and their penis or vagina. I even treat medical specialists for these problems:

“Being a medical specialist, I am amazed at Jacqui’s knowledge and insights regarding this subject matter – I know for sure there is no-one else teaching this! It is amazing! Jacqui is a true problem solver. Every male should have this education!” Sam

My schedule is full (and I charge $160/hour) so I have put my knowledge of how to intermittently turn off your sexual switch as required – into an easy to follow step-by-step report, so you can end your sexual frustration problem TODAY. This easy method will enable you to turn ALL UNWANTED AROUSAL off and won’t affect your ability to become aroused when you WANT to be (unless you have chronic health issues.)

So here it is… and yes, there is a male version and a female version!

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration
How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds!

male report end female sexual frustration report


Now let’s get clear on what this report doesn’t do:

⇒ It doesn’t end the frustration caused by sexual problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction – you need a more in-depth consultation with me to end those problems

⇒ It won’t magically end your relationship stress – but it WILL prevent you from putting your partner off sex by being sexually needy and overbearing

⇒ It won’t take you hours to read and master the technique – this report is short and concise (about 6 pages) and the technique will take you just 10 minutes to learn (and only ONE day to master!)

What this report CAN do for you:

⇒ It can totally eliminate the sexual frustration caused by accidentally jamming your sexual arousal circuit

⇒ Put you in TOTAL CONTROL of your sexual arousal – so regardless of whether or not you have access to frequent sex (or not) you can still have full control over your desires

⇒ Enable you to enjoy arousal (and having a high sex drive) without it driving you crazy!

⇒ And you will be able to turn your sexual arousal “switch” on and off as required. No more visiting porn sites, desperately trying to relieve yourself.

Now I’m not going to charge you $160 for this report – which is what it would cost if you came and had a session with me to end this problem. I’m only going to charge you a fraction of that because I want you to solve your problem right now!

That’s why you had better be quick and get my
game-changing report so you can END sexual frustration for only:

I’m told this breakthrough report is so valuable, that I should increase the price to $47!
As you know, that’s still an awesome price to solve your problem today. But if you act now, you can get this life changing report before the price goes up (which I may feel inclined to do any day now)

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

So try out this life-changing report risk-free for 60 days. If you think the report doesn’t solve your accidental wrong switching sexual frustration problem, then simply email me for your 100% hassle-free refund. I guarantee my method will end the problem – or I will happily give you your money back!

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration
How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds!

Click on the male or female version, for instant access.

instant-access-male instant-access-female

When you click on the ‘Get Instant Access’ button (make sure you click on the correct version of the report!) you will be taken to my private membership site: to make payment (for this product only.) You will be asked to enter your preferred username and password before entering your payment details. This enables secure access and delivery of your product. Keep an eye on your inbox – within a few minutes after making payment you will be sent a registration email containing your username, password and a link to log-in to the membership area so you can access your product.

Conversation with Aaron: “My constant sexual desire is driving me crazy! I can’t focus at work and I constantly fear that my wife will find out about how I am dealing with my sexual frustration problem – which is mentally and financially crippling me.”
The day after I sorted his problem:
“Thank you very much for yesterdays wonderful session. It was amazing and I felt really good after I left for home – which was something I never experienced before. I worked today and when I looked at women my feelings were neutral. I wasn’t sexually aroused, I mean I was, but I could easily control it. Thank you for teaching me this technique and for being there. I appreciate your study over sex and understanding the switch on and off technique with ease. Great going!!”

In this easy to read report you will gain the mechanics required, to turn unwanted arousal OFF within seconds. The exact procedure. Step by step, so you don’t accidentally jam the arousal circuit and make your problem worse.

I know this problem has been driving you crazy for a long period of time. I get this. I understand how distressing it is for you – and I also know that these problems don’t go away by themselves – they just manifest into bigger problems. Many of my clients are testimony to this fact.

I’ve also lost count of the number of people who have ended their problems with my simple technique – and I’ve never received a refund request yet! What are you waiting for?? You could be ending your sexual frustration within minutes!

Get the report now and I guarantee you will end your sexual frustration problem, or your money back. Stop being a victim of your body’s own programs, regain control of yourself and enjoy your new-found ability to feel relaxed and at ease.

Jacqui Olliver - The Ultimate Sex Strategist



PS: Thanks for taking the time to read about my “3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration” report. You’ve seen how it will eliminate weeks of unnecessary tension and stress AND give you the opportunity to enjoy your sexual arousal any time, any where – instead of it driving you crazy…

Remember that if you are suppressing sexual arousal, you COULD end up with erection problems if you’re a man, or libido problems if you’re a woman – and that would lead to even MORE stress than you have now. Deal with the problem now, before it becomes a bigger problem.

Please take advantage of this incredible offer before I charge you what I am told it is worth. Your small investment is a tiny price to pay for the opportunity to take back control of your life, your sexual health and your ability to relax and enjoy yourself…

Click on the male or female version, for instant access.

instant-access-male instant-access-female


Sexually Frustrated and Always Horny?

So do you want an answer to constantly feeling sexually frustrated and always horny, or did you just want to end the momentary feeling of frustration by typing it into the search bar? Switching away from this site isn’t going to solve your ongoing sexual frustration problem.

More sex (or more porn) will just make you want more sex or more porn, it doesn’t alleviate your problem of feeling sexually aroused all the time and will lead you to feeling even more frustrated.

If you are experiencing 2 or more of these common symptoms:

Your Problems:
sexually frustrated womanUnable to concentrate
Constant sexual thoughts invading your mind
Feeling consumed with wanting sex
Feeling unsatisfied in your relationship
Constantly looking for an outlet to have sex
Worrying about straying from your relationship
Constantly badgering your partner for sex
Frequent anxiety and stress
Unable to feel relaxed
Unable to stay in control during sex
Seeking fulfilment outside your relationship
Frequent visits to a porn site, massage parlour or a sex worker to gain an unfulfilling release

… then you are obviously sexually frustrated. If you don’t deal with the problem now,

You could end up with these resulting problems:
Loss of financial savings
Possible loss of job and/or financial security
Partner feeling constantly pressured to have sex
Cheating on your partner and getting caught
Developing premature ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction problems
Loss of confidence and self-esteem
Partner could end your relationship
A big mess to clean up!

If you’re sexually frustrated and always horny because of a sexual problem such as early ejaculation or because you have problems getting or keeping an erection, please read my “Treatment FAQ” page on the menu. Alternatively, I can provide an easy remedy so you can end sexual frustration today (and no, it’s not a picture for you to masturbate to!) Go to the next page to discover how to turn unwanted sexual arousal off in 10 seconds!

End Sexual Frustration Today – Stop Feeling Always Horny!

Feeling Sexually Frustrated?

Is sexual frustration making you feel like you’re going crazy? There are two causes of sexual frustration:

  1. You’re in a relationship and your partner isn’t fulfilling you sexually.
  2. You are single – or in a relationship – and you are accidentally jamming the sexual arousal program in your brain, so it doesn’t switch off properly.

Since you cannot solve someone else’s sexual problem (I can – but we won’t go into that now) then the best thing that you can do today, is to understand how to control the sexual arousal program in your brain, so you can stop feeling always horny.

Watch this Short Presentation to Discover How to Solve Sexual Frustration Today!

End Sexual Frustration Report - 60 Day Money Back GuaranteeRemember, the report is backed by my full 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If you think it fails to deliver on it’s promises, then by all means, email me and ask for your hassle-free refund. I guarantee it will solve your frustrating problem – or your money back.

male-instant-access female instant access!

When you click on the ‘Get Instant Access’ button (for the male or female version of the report) you will be taken to my private membership site: to make payment (for this product only) and to ensure you receive secure access to your product. You will only be charged once. After you have chosen your username and password, you will be redirected to PayPal to make payment with your credit card or debit card (no Paypal account required).

sexual frustration testimonial
Jacqui OlliverNow, I know your level of sexual arousal is driving you crazy. I totally understand your frustrations. That’s why I wrote this report – so you can end your sexual frustration today. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have ended their problem with my breakthrough technique – and I’ve never received a refund request yet! Try it risk free for 60 days… I guarantee it can make you feel like a new person.

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration
How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds!

Click on the male or female version, for instant access.

instant-access-male instant-access-female

Get this report so you can end your frustration now – before I decide to put the price up!

Remember that this problem usually doesn’t go away by itself – and frequently manifests into a bigger problem (as many of my clients would tell you.) You need to know how to relax – especially if you have a high sex drive! Get my report today and I guarantee my easy method can help you end your problem today.

Kind regards,

Jacqui Olliver - Personal Strategist

Get it now – before I put the price up!

Are Sexual Problems Hiding in Your Workplace?

We all hear about sexual misconduct, but what about the underlying sexual issues no one is addressing? This article identifies the real cause of sexual problems in the workplace and what really happens undercover…

Something you need to understand is that a man’s brain/body connection is wired sexually. This means that males can experience random sexual thoughts and arousal constantly throughout the day. Uncontrolled and undirected, this sexual arousal quickly leads to sexual frustration and can lead to unwanted sexual behavior.

Are you fighting constant arousal?

Many men fight the constant sexual arousal, attempting to subdue it. Eventually they succeed, but the suppression often causes a miscommunication between their brain and body which can often lead to the male experiencing recurring erection issues in his personal life.

Suppressing this natural response causes a displacement between the conscious mind and subconscious mind which can then make it difficult for him to co-ordinate the correct sexual response during intercourse; resulting in either loss of erection or premature ejaculation.

How many of your male colleagues are suffering in silence?

Sexual problems are exacerbated by associated anxiety and relationship stress, all of which affect a man’s ability to maintain focus and discipline at work. Being in the wrong part of your brain at the wrong time, leads to errors in tasks, poor judgement and ineffective communication.

Erection problems affect 1 in 3 men, yet only 1 in every 4 of these men will seek treatment – the others suffer in silence, unknowing that their problem can be easily be rectified with the correct knowledge and application of technique.

So how do you support male colleagues and clients?

The best way to offer tactful support may be via a discreet email, which contains a link to a PDF containing expert advice for resolving these problems.

This enables the colleague or client to identify that their personal issues can directly affect their working environment – but offers them a way to deal with these sexual problems without admitting the problem to you (and causing additional embarrassment.)

I’m Jacqui Olliver, The Technique Modifier at End the Problem – I’ve helped MANY men and women around the world end their sexual problems with my unique switching technique. I provide a complete understanding of how to control the sexual systems in your body, via your BRAIN.

How to End Sexual Frustration Now!


Alternatively you may direct colleagues to my breakthrough report:

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration: How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds!

sexual frustration testimonial aaron

Remember that sexual misconduct in the workplace is directly tied in to a man’s ability to control and regulate the sexual pressure his body is feeling. This is not something that is taught in schools, so most men are missing this vital knowledge.

Contact me. Today. So we can put an end to the problem.

Jacqui Olliver Authority on solving sex problemsJacqui Olliver
The Technique Modifier at End the Problem

Member of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society

All sessions are held in the strictest of confidence; I will always respect your privacy. As well as individual 1/1 sessions, I am available for international training, development classes and speaking engagements for solving sexual problems in the workplace.

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

erectile dysfunction in young menErectile Dysfunction in young men? Most young men struggle to make sense of erectile dysfunction problems – after all, isn’t ED an old man’s disease? One of the scariest things any man can face is suddenly losing his erection during sex.

The thing is, regardless of your age; if you are focusing incorrectly during sex, then not only can you lose the strength of your erection, you can also lose control and ejaculate early.

If your girlfriend is really hot and you really like her, anxiety alone can cause erectile dysfunction problems. If you are working (or studying) for long hours; that can also be a reason for losing your erection. Same with a lack of physical fitness – if you are unfit, you won’t be able to last long enough (and to fulfil a woman sexually, you really need to last at least 10 minutes during intercourse).

But the main reason for losing your erection is not focusing correctly on the sexual act. Whether you are feeling anxious, feeling tired, or just plain stressed; once you have had one occurrence of ED – losing your erection (or losing control and ejaculating too quickly) then the next time you have sex, that’s where your focus will be…

Will I lose my erection this time?
What if I can’t stay hard??
How long am I going to last?

If you are focused on these questions, then no-one is steering your ship (your penis)! Your conscious mind cannot focus on two tasks at the same time, which is why you can suffer from these problems – because your focus is divided.

When you know exactly how your brain communicates with your penis, you will be able to initiate the correct command at the correct time – which means no more half-mast erections and no more losing control.

If you do accidentally lose your focus; when you know my exact step-by-step method to regain your focus, you will be able to regain a strong erection, then stay hard and in total control until you ejaculate – when you want to. My clients report fantastic success with my method! >>>>>>

happy couple sexAnother important aspect is knowing how to keep the emotional connection strong with a woman – because that’s what keeps her turned on to you sexually. As soon as you lose focus sexually, you immediately lose your emotional connection – which makes her feel insecure and doubtful of your ability to fulfil her.

I specialize in helping men end their sexual problems and gain total control in less time with my unique refocusing method. After one session with me, you will know exactly how to enjoy 30 minute love-making sessions every time you have sex.

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As you can see from this article, erectile dysfunction in young men is becoming a widespread issue. Check out the best erectile dysfunction treatment so you can enable sex to be fulfilling for both you and your partner.

Last Longer in Bed – How to Fulfill Yourself Sexually

last longer in bedSo you want to last longer in bed. What’s happening for you during the sexual act? Do you lose the strength of your erection, or do you lose control and ejaculate prematurely?

When either of these sex problems happen to you, it is difficult for either you or your partner to feel fulfilled sexually.

If you want to know how to last longer, then you need to know how to redirect your BRAIN. It is not your penis which controls the sexual act, it is your brain. When your brain is focused for too long in one area, you will lose your erection. Similarly, when your brain is focused for too long in another area, you will lose control and ejaculate before you or your partner are ready.

If you focus on your penis for too long
… you will ejaculate

If you are trying not to think about the feelings in your penis
… you will lose the connection with your partner

If you focus on your partner for too long
… you will lose your erection

If you are thinking about how anxious you are to perform sexually
… you can lose your erection or ejaculate early

So what is the key to make me last longer in bed???
To gain complete control during sex, you must have the ability to redirect your brain.

My clients report fantastic success with my unique method, as it provides a complete understanding of the how the communication between your brain and your body occurs – as well as a step by step guide to follow during sex, so you know exactly how to last longer.

This enables you to totally understand how you are causing your sexual problems – and to understand how to significantly reduce occurrences of them.

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When you follow my easy instruction, you too could end your sexual problem! This breakthrough technique is unique to me and is unavailable elsewhere.

After ONE session with me, you will know exactly how to attain:

⇒ Strong, hard, lasting erections
– to make you last longer and feel more fulfilled as a man

⇒ Complete control over when you ejaculate
– so you can consistently enjoy 30 minute love making sessions

⇒ An AWESOME emotional connection with your partner
– so she feels safe: emotionally AND sexually fulfilled by you

Book a session now, so you can discover how to gain control – and end your erection problem BEFORE it costs you your sanity or your relationship.

My sessions are recommended by leading medical specialists and many of my clients solve their problem in just one session. Read more testimonials >>>> or check out my session FAQ so you can last longer in bed

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

cured erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) causes you to lose the hardness of your erection before (or during) sex. In many cases of ED, you either become distracted during sex and start losing focus, or you are focusing on the wrong thing leading up to sex. Therefore to cure erectile dysfunction you must know how to correct your focus so you only activate the correct programs in your BRAIN.

It is also important to consult with a medical doctor to check for underlying health conditions which may be contributing to your problem.

The truth is, your mind can only focus on one task at a time, so if you are worried or distracted by any other thoughts during sex – you cannot focus on coordinating your erection during the sexual act. Incorrect focus means that you can lose the hardness of your erection, lose control and ejaculate prematurely, or lose the ability to ejaculate at all.

It is unlikely that you were taught an exact strategy for how to focus during sex when you were growing up. You were taught how to eat off a spoon, drink from a glass – and how to drive a car, but because you were never taught to focus correctly during sex, then when you do randomly lose focus, you have no idea what you were doing right previously – before you started having incidences of losing your erection.

Without an effective sexual strategy, if you have lost feelings of attraction for your partner, you’re distracted by random thoughts, or if you suffer from performance anxiety; then you will be unable to concentrate on the right subject during sex and retain control over the hardness of your erection – and/or when you ejaculate.

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If you want to know how to cure erectile dysfunction, then you need to know how to understand my “switching technique” so you can focus your attention correctly. In my session (recommended by leading medical specialists) I share with you this extremely effective ED treatment which can enable you to gain an erection, maintain your erection and ejaculate when you want to – regardless of how distracted and disconnected you currently feel. This technique is unique to me and is unavailable elsewhere.