The 4 Hidden Causes of Erection Problems and How to END Erection Problems

I’m The Technique Modifier at End the Problem. I teachmales how to easily END sexual problems and erection problems including prematureejaculation, erectile dysfunction (weak erections) AND sexual frustration.

I also teach women how to control an orgasm so it can be achieved “on demand”during masturbation, foreplay AND intercourse, as well as how to increase her libidoand eliminate vaginal dryness.

In this report I’m going to share with you the previously unidentified underlying causesof erection problems and how to end these problems so you can remove performanceanxiety and immediately begin to improve your ability to relate intimately.

“I feel like a new man – a 30 year old one! How wonderful to havesuch control, 15 to 30 minute love making and not totally buggered atthe end. I am so grateful to you, for how you have helped me. Whatwonderful changes to my love life – I am having trouble finding wordsto explain myself.” Ben (72) New Zealand

So what causes erection problems?

The hidden causes of erection problems include:

=> Suppression of sexual arousal
=> Your partner’s unwillingness to have sex with you
=> An inability to stay focused on the sexual act
=> Lacking the knowledge to actually attain and maintain a strong erection as wellas full control.

Now let’s look at these in more detail:

Suppression of sexual arousal leads to weakness in your PC muscle. The PCmuscle controls all movement of your penis and controls ejaculation. Every time yousuppress your sexual arousal you are causing your penis to become weaker!
Reasons for suppressing sexual arousal include:
=> Stress, anxiety, workload
=> Personal inactivity
=> Lack of exercise
=> No desire
=> An inability to redirect sexual arousal

Your partner’s unwillingness to have sex with you – if your partner is reluctant tohave sex with you, She may be:

=> Feeling emotionally unfulfilled by you
=> Feeling disconnected from you
=> Feeling unfulfilled by your technique
=> Feeling pressured to have sex
=> Feeling unfulfilled by the amount of performance time you give her In many cases this is the main reason for relationship breakup because it createsdoubt!

In many cases this is the main reason for relationship breakup because it createsdoubt!

Doubt for you – of your ability to perform… Doubt for her – of your ability to fulfil her.

Then there is the inability to stay focused on the sexual act.

The more worried you are about performing and maintaining a strong erection, theworse your erection problem (and relationship problems) become.

Due to this continuous mental pressure, you completely lose your ability to focus onattaining (and maintaining) an erect penis during the sexual act AND lose yourability to feel emotionally connected to your partner before, during and after sex.

Without the right focus, your brain and body are unable to unite during sex to achievethe desired result – which is to attain a hard erection, maintain a hard erection (with fullcontrol) AND stay emotionally connected to your partner at the same time.

In this report I have identified the 4 hidden causes of erection problems. To be able toattain (and keep) an erection you need to address ALL of these causes. Otherwise youmay only partially heal your erection problem – and you could be doomed to havingweak erections – and struggling to retain confidence in your relationship, for the rest ofyour life.

MANY of my clients suffered from these problems for YEARS and were NEVER ableto resolve them UNTIL they learned my technique.If you want to achieve a superior sex life, I can supply the answers. I teach a new technique which fully explains the reasons you are underperforming. Youcan FINALLY understand the mechanics required to TOTALLY RESOLVE your SEXUAL PROBLEMS!

This method is unique to me and is unavailable elsewhere.Imagine how great it would be to be rid of this horrible problem forever?My unique switching technique enables you to END all erection problems, so you caneliminate sexual frustration and performance anxiety and gain the confidence you needto succeed in your most important relationship – that of you and your partner. Eliminate the 4 underlying causes of your erection problem/s now!

Book a session with me to eliminate your erection problem before it’s too late.

Remember that testimonial you read at the start of this report?

Ben suffered from sexual problems for all of his adult life because he procrastinatedand put off dealing with them. He now hopes that his honest feedback will encourageother men to get past their anxiety and embarrassment about booking their session – so they too can end their erection and relationship problems.

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