Early Ejaculation and Weak Erection Treatment FAQ

Also known as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation and weak erections (statistics according to the Mayo Clinic) are problematic for over a third of all men. A successful treatment plan for these problems must incorporate an understanding of the following facts:

1) Your brain runs on procedures and any interruption to these procedures can cause random or ongoing occurrences of the above-mentioned problems.

2) There is a natural switching process occurring in your brain. It controls all of your movements and muscle programs in your body – including your sexual programs. (No-one else has made this distinction according to my ongoing, extensive medical and psychological research both online and offline.)

3) To gain control over your sexual programs, you must have a complete understanding of how to relate this switching event to the sexual act.

Let me explain so you know what is happening with you

You know how you drive a car and you try to text on the phone?


Well, as you already know, your car loses all directional control – and it goes all over the road.

This is what is currently happening to your sex life, you’re all over the place. You have no structure.

What I do, is I teach you how the structure of your brain works, via the switching technique. I unravel the mechanism of your brain and how to take control of it. So during the sexual act you don’t have the same problem as texting and driving the car.

Here’s an example of the Switching Technique:

As you’re reading this page your brain is attending to 100’s of tasks. You’re perched on your chair, looking at the screen, scrolling down the page – then you switch to a question which is an idea not a physical action like sitting, looking or scrolling.

You are consistently “switching” throughout the day – but you need to know the entire and complete procedure of switching and how to apply it to the sexual act.

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If you read the client feedback you’ll find that I have some statements from medical professionals – and you would think they know how it works, but they don’t. So I’m actually teaching medical practitioners this unique technique. They don’t teach this method for solving PE and ED in medical school.

The shortest session I can do to achieve results is an hour and a half. In that session we discuss your problem so I know the triggers, I explain to you how your brain works (which is why I gave you that example of texting and driving) then I teach you the switching technique.

early ejaculation solved

To be honest, most of the clients I work with have little or extremely bad experiences in sex, which is why they have this problem.

After explaining the switching technique I do a non sexual massage* on you and basically teach you how to control your vehicle and text at the same time.

* This is not a sexual service. Clients receiving a Skype session will be lead through a couple of equally effective “switching” exercises to integrate the concept of “driving and texting”.

This is actually a natural and instinctive thing for your brain to do, as your brain co-ordinates hundreds of functions in your body at the same time.

For those who understand the technique and take it on board, this would signal the end of the problem. So to help you get rid of your problem would be $220.

If you feel like you need advanced sexual strategies, I can do an extra session – or an extended session, which means we can do a two hour session for $300. This gives you more time to question and answer and gives you more time to absorb the information.

All resources (including a PDF of the Power Point presentation I share with you during the session) will be emailed to you after your session to keep as back-up. I also offer additional support guarantees so you can continue to ask questions after your session, in your transition to becoming a fully functioning human being.

Considering that great sex starts between your ears, I am totally confident I can help you end your sexual problems regardless of where you are located. Sessions can be conducted online via Skype video, or at my privately located clinic in Auckland, New Zealand.


I will always respect you as a person and I totally respect your privacy.

If you want to take control of your sexual programs so you can end early ejaculation and weak erection problems WITHOUT DRUGS then contact me now and book a treatment session time. I look forward to helping you solve your sex problems. Go here for session payment links