Are Sexual Problems Hiding in Your Workplace?

We all hear about sexual misconduct, but what about the underlying sexual issues no one is addressing? This article identifies the real cause of sexual problems in the workplace and what really happens undercover…

Something you need to understand is that a man’s brain/body connection is wired sexually. This means that males can experience random sexual thoughts and arousal constantly throughout the day. Uncontrolled and undirected, this sexual arousal quickly leads to sexual frustration and can lead to unwanted sexual behavior.

Are you fighting constant arousal?

Many men fight the constant sexual arousal, attempting to subdue it. Eventually they succeed, but the suppression often causes a miscommunication between their brain and body which can often lead to the male experiencing recurring erection issues in his personal life.

Suppressing this natural response causes a displacement between the conscious mind and subconscious mind which can then make it difficult for him to co-ordinate the correct sexual response during intercourse; resulting in either loss of erection or premature ejaculation.

How many of your male colleagues are suffering in silence?

Sexual problems are exacerbated by associated anxiety and relationship stress, all of which affect a man’s ability to maintain focus and discipline at work. Being in the wrong part of your brain at the wrong time, leads to errors in tasks, poor judgement and ineffective communication.

Erection problems affect 1 in 3 men, yet only 1 in every 4 of these men will seek treatment – the others suffer in silence, unknowing that their problem can be easily be rectified with the correct knowledge and application of technique.

So how do you support male colleagues and clients?

The best way to offer tactful support may be via a discreet email, which contains a link to a PDF containing expert advice for resolving these problems.

This enables the colleague or client to identify that their personal issues can directly affect their working environment – but offers them a way to deal with these sexual problems without admitting the problem to you (and causing additional embarrassment.)

I’m Jacqui Olliver, The Technique Modifier at End the Problem – I’ve helped MANY men and women around the world end their sexual problems with my unique switching technique. I provide a complete understanding of how to control the sexual systems in your body, via your BRAIN.

How to End Sexual Frustration Now!


Alternatively you may direct colleagues to my breakthrough report:

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Sexual Frustration: How to Turn Sexual Arousal OFF in 10 Seconds!

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Remember that sexual misconduct in the workplace is directly tied in to a man’s ability to control and regulate the sexual pressure his body is feeling. This is not something that is taught in schools, so most men are missing this vital knowledge.

Contact me. Today. So we can put an end to the problem.

Jacqui Olliver Authority on solving sex problemsJacqui Olliver
The Technique Modifier at End the Problem

Member of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society

All sessions are held in the strictest of confidence; I will always respect your privacy. As well as individual 1/1 sessions, I am available for international training, development classes and speaking engagements for solving sexual problems in the workplace.

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